Grid cells in action

Grid cells are neurons in the Medial Entorhinal Cortex of the mammalian brain whose activity covers the explored environment in a regular hexagonal pattern.
Here we provide Python and JavaScript code of grid cells using low-continuous attractor dynamics, first presented by Guanella et al, 2006. The model relies on the simulated agent movements to generate grid cells.
You can reuse it to conduct your own computational neuroscience experiment or to implement it on a mobile robot.
In fact, the following grid cells are actually running in your browser... if you are using a smartphone you can easily provide your device's accelerometer and gyroscope data to reproduce grid cells in the real world.
If anyone out there is interested in merging the girdcells.js with tensorflow.js it'd be very happy to collaborate... Just drop a message.

Source: Nobel Foundation


The grey dot represents the animal spatial navigation

Grid cell modules

Three simulated grid cell populations with different scale (increasing from dorsal to ventral)


Example of 5 grid cells activity after navigation

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